Thursday, February 5, 2009

War of the Grocery Stores... My inner battle.

Harris Teeter or Walmart... this is the Question I ask myself on every Grocery day. I try to be a "good steward of our resources" and shop frugally. This week, my grocery planning was out of necessity to make it till we get paid on Friday.

So... when I have coupons and there are good VIC specials, I pack up my crew and head over to my local Harris Teeter. (which is literaly less than 1 mile from my house)
AKA-- Teeter Totter to my Kids
AKA- Taj Ma Teeter to me and my husband (this thing is MASSIVE and is basically the Country Club of all groceries in our area.)

Here are my little luxuries I enjoy at Harris Teeter...
1. The Free Samples. Not only do they keep my kids thoroughly entertained, they are a tasty treat for me...especially the nice breads and butters.
2. They have some really great organic and healthy items. I get all gitty when they have BOGOs and VIC specials and I enjoy seeing how much I can save
4. They have a really great two seater airplane cart...not like the big monster ones that are a beast to push... oh no. This is the mercedes benz of kid grocery carts. We love it!
5. They often have wine my local grocer! Who knew? Now, pushing a cart with 2 kids and currently being 8 months pregnant, I don't think it is too kosher to partake in these tastings... but I admit I think of myself a little more "cultured" as I walk by
6. They have a Starbucks on site. I don't really indulge in this often... but it is nice knowing it is right there if I have a need for coffee.
6. They have someone who will take your groceries to your car for you, and then take your cart back. What???
7. Let me repeat that last point for those of you who are just scanning... they have a bagger who will take your cart and children out to the car for you. And unload your groceries for you. And you don't have to tip them.

But low and behold.... a trip to the HT is not always in the cards. When I have alot of other necessities to buy...home, beauty, baby...we head to the great world of Walmart. (**Play infamous music here**) And I am the first to admit that Walmart has better prices. (unless, of course, you are shopping the VIC specials at the HT, liek I try so desperately to do)

*Let me start by mentioning the main redeeming quality of Walmart...They have a McDonalds in the store!!!
Yep. I am known to make this our little luxury... do a little grocery shopping, and we get to eat at McD's for lunch. I promise I don't do it every week.

Well... enter my main quirks with Walmart....
1. It is a MADHOUSE. unless you go at 9:00 in the morning... which I really do try to do. Never go after 5 and never go on a weekend. NEVER.
2. Their double kid carts aren't nearly as "pushable" as HT's
3. Their baggers often mix meat with produce or cleaning supplies with cookies...YUCK! I try to group things on the counter by like items to avoid this, but low and behold it happens often.
4. They always seem to only have 2 checkout people for a store that services hundreds at a time. And i am always trying to rush out of the store...only to get up to the line and have to wait literally 20 minutes sometimes! With two hungry, cranky, or sleepy children. They are never happy by the time we get to the checkout.
5. I am responsible for trucking my 2 kids (hungry, cranky, and sleepy), in the huge hard-to-push cart, with my huge load of "parcels" and then I have to get the kids in the van myself, all while protecting my recently purchased parcels from rolling away.
And this was our parking lot experience Tuesday...
As I unloaded Charlotte and sent her into the van. My cart, with Groceries and child, began rolling down the parking lot.
Leave the 3 year old alone in the van or chase the runaway cart?
Well, of course I ran after the cart! And Thankfully, I have a pretty obedient 3 year old who will stay in the van all the while yelling "Mommy, get it...quick, hurry!" I was then praised the whole way home for "saving the day!"
That's me... the mommy who saves the day. But as I drove home from the craziness of Walmart, practicing my deep breathing and ignoring my screaming children in the back... I couldn't help but wish I was sipping wine at Harris Teeter.

Enter the "Cart Stopper"
I was browsing a few of my favorite blogs today at nap time and one in particular is The Opinionated Parent (of course I would like a blog with this title as any of you who know me know I am never lacking an opinion!) Well, last week they featured an item called the Cart Stopper. You can purchase this nifty contraption from here for just $10! This could totally change my life. (you think I am joking don't you?)

Well, until my Cart Stopper Arrives.... I will brave the hills at Walmart with courage and speed. Or I will just shop at the Trusty HT where Edward nicely unloads my groceries for me. All the while, sipping away on my Latte.

Happy Saving on your groceries fellow shoppers!

PS- HT in my local area was offering Triple coupons from February 4-8th! So, we actually had a Walmart visit (tuesday) AND a HT visit (today) all in one week becasue that is how thrifty i am trying so desperately to be!

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  1. Hilarious. Cameron Smith and I are good friends and she shared this post with me b/c she said it reminded her of me. I bought 54 dollars in groceries at HT yesterday for $7.21. Happy shopping.


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