Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spit on This!

So... let me begin by introducing a feature on my blog called
Spit on This:

Do you know that Llamas spit???
Spitting is the llamas way of saying "Bug Off!" Normally used between llamas to divert annoying suitors, ward off a perceived threat or, most commonly, to establish pecking order at mealtime, an occasional llama who has been forced to tolerate excessive human handling may have developed an intolerance for or a fear of humans and will spit if they feel threatened by them.

So.... what exactly is Spit on This?? It is my way to say to BUG OFF! Things that bug me, bother me, or rantings about my all around bad day.

So.... here goes the first Spit on This post.

I HATE throw up.
I especially hate throw up in a carseat. Why is it that the few times my children have ever thrown up it has always been in a carseat?? Why Lord? Why must the throw up come in THE most difficult place on the earth? I can clean sheets, I can clean clothes, I can even shampoo my van. But it truly takes a rocket scientist to disassmble a carseat enough so you can un-thread the straps and wash the seat cover.

We currently own the Evenflo Triumph carseat. It has been a great good carseat for us. Becasue of our BIG babies, We had to move out of the little Graco infant carriers early so we needed a rear facing carseat. Then it flips forward up to 40lbs. (Side note.. thanks Graco for FINALLY coming out with a bucket seat that holds babies up to 32 lbs...but I really can't afford ANOTHER carseat) But in order to clean this baby, you literally have to UNSCREW a huge panel on the back in order to un-hook the straps in order to take off the cover. Then what I realize... you can't even take the straps out. WHAT? Well, maybe you can with more disassembling of the carseat. I just decided to clorox wipe the heck out of the straps, spray them with lysol and pray pray that the Lord disinfects the rest.

And even better.... no, my child did NOT have the stomach bug, no he did not eat too much sugar. My Little Llama is obsessed with gagging himself. Why does a 2 year old find this enjoyable??


  1. Hi Carrie. This is Erin Ussery, Genie's daughter in law. She directed me to your website after I shared today's incident with her. Our youngest son, Finley, decided to vomit today. Exorcist style. IN THE CARSEAT! From what we can tell this is not a stomach bug either, but the result of gagging himself with a straw. So, we have tons in common already: 1. We hate vomit. 2. We hate cleaning said excrement out of carseats. 3. We agree that carseats are not vomit-cleaning friendly. 4. We have children to are into self induced vomiting. I'm sorry that you're dealing with the same issue, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad to know that we're not alone. Hope you're doing well. Our blog is if you want to check out our zany crew.

  2. Yes, Throw up in the car seat is ridiculous!!!! I scrubbed the straps forever to get the smell out. Baking soda finally worked. Glad you are blogging!!
    love, Rachel

  3. Found your blog through MckMama and I love your title. Llama Llama is our FAVORITE children's book. I totally agree with the thing about cleaning the car seat! UGHH! In fact, I just bought a car seat cover that goes on and off WITHOUT undoing the straps and let me tell you that I am loving them. Their website is Their prices were the same as others that I found, but they were the only ones that you don't have to take the seat apart. Hope that helps.

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