Monday, February 9, 2009

Littlest Llama is coming soon!

Did you know that Llamas are pregnant for 11 1/2 months?
Thank you LORD for not making me a Llama.
Though any of you who know my track record with pregnancies, know that I have carried my babies a whole 10 days overdue. So perhaps my body thinks we are carrying llamas. Another fact about llamas... their babies weigh anywhere from 18-24lbs. My babies were both just shy of 9lbers. So.... essentially I gave birth to a half a llama.

I have never taken maternity pictures. I don't really think I will frame the above picture and hang it in my hallway. But their is something glorious about being pregnant. And I really do love my pregnant belly. When a local mom, Laura Brett, offered to do some pictures for me (at a killer deal) , I totally took her up on her offer. I am SO glad I did. She gave me some great images of this precious time that I will treasure!

We are nearing our time....Baby Helen is due in less than 3 weeks. And we are hopeful that she might come earlier than the first two. Hopeful...but not holding our breath!


  1. This is beautiful. I definitely did not look that good pregnant. Maybe next time! We can't wait to meet Helen too!

  2. Great maternity pics! Love your blog.

    My kids actually prefer "Is Your Mama a Llama?" So I just wanted to throw that out there if you haven't see it. :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello this week for Tuesday Tips! It's so great to meet new people who love to leave comments and blog!

    I see you are about to have another sweet little one added to your family. Congratulations and enjoy this time! As you already know.. it goes by so fast!


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