Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Singing with Daddy...

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So...I understand it is no longer Tuesday. A day late, oh well! This really did make us laugh this past week... and I wanted to share with all of our Bloggy friends. And the Riggs Family is a really neat family that I have been so encouraged by.

So, hear goes.... One of my husband's great and endearing qualities is that he has a way with getting anyone in our family to start singing any song. It could could be worship songs (and usually really cheesy ones that stick ion your head forever!), old 80's music, or songs he makes up.

One of Daddy's favorite Christian hiphop artists is the Amabassador. This is no cheesy Christian rap artist. His lyrics are very deep and thought provoking. Hip Hop is not my number 1 choice of music...we call this "Daddy Music". When Daddy drives the van he brings "Daddy Music" when I get back in the van I hear "No, Mommy...No K-LOVE.... we want Daddy Music". It didn't take our kids but 1 day of listening to Deuce's new CD that they were singing 3 songs on it.

Here is a little clip of Charlotte (aka Cha Cha) and Daddy singing a few of their favorite hits.
Hope it makes you smile as much as it made us smile. And just look at the smile on Charlotte's face! Daddy time is absolutely priceless!


  1. Gotta love Daddy time. This video is adorable

  2. Love the video! My daughter Julie likes hip hop too. Unfortunately, it's not Christian rap. Her favorite song right now is Beyonce, Put a Ring on it.


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