Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Llamas Losing Sleep! Mama Llama starts to Weep!

What is the magic trick to getting your children to sleep?
This pic of the clock is a big joke. In our house by 7:00, we have already had our early morning snack (breakfast isn't until 7:00) mommy has already had a cup of coffee (working on cup # 2 right now at 6:45), we have already been sent to our rooms a few times, they have demanded kid shows (no, way!). And that is our morning until 7:00.

So.. .We have sleep issues.

My rule is that we don't get up until 6:00. But We have been battling some night time sleep issues lately at night as well.
FYI For those of you with babies and no toddlers yet--That whole "sleep through the night" thing is a joke. Once they get in a big kid bed.. they wake up more than they did as babies!
Carson--- He wants to cuddle, he wants his blankee, he wants a train. I am fine getting up and handing him a blankee, patting his back and done. But no... this high maintenance llama will start a screaming rant for me to sleep with him. And scream that child can do until everyone in our house is awake and we are MAD.

Charlotte---we are trying to get her to stay in the Big Kid room. As we have a baby coming any day now, we need her sleeping in the Big Kid Room.

So...We resorted to bribery.

We told them that if Charlotte stays in bed all night and Carson has no screaming in the night they get a special Candy treat in the morning. Well, 2nd night and no candy for them. But we did make progress. Charlotte did stay in bed all night, and Carson didn't have any screaming fits. YEAH!

Then 5:13 rolled around...

I almost thought it said 6:13 and was so proud of my little llamas for sleeping the whole night with no incidents. I was prepared to walk in with a bag of Gummy bears singing Hallelujah Chorus! And then that second glance made me realize that the clock said 5:15! Carson was screaming "Breakfast time" and charlotte was screaming "I need a hairbow!"

Are you kidding me?? At 5:15???

I knew there was no hope to get them to go back to sleep.

Nice mommy quickly flew the coop and I sternly threatened them and told them that they must stay in their room with no screaming until 6:00. I actually think charlotte attempted to go back to sleep. But carson was perched on the edge of his bed the WHOLE time. Gripping every blankee and animal he had found in his bed... waiting for the timer to ring and the gates of heaven to open up.

So how do some of you do it? I hear some of you moms say "I just tell my kids they cannot come out until 7:00." Seriously...7:00? how do you just teach you children to do this? I am convinced that you all have much more compliant, calm, and easy going children than I do. Because this crazy herd of llamas wakes up with a vengeance. My strong willed, highly opinionated, dominant little toddlers are not ever going to sleep until 7:00.

So..what are your tips to my sleeping dillema??
Please post your tips in the comments and the lucky winner will get one overnight stay with my toddlers to put your plan into action! Just Kidding...that wouldn't quite be a prize now would it? But you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped Mama Llama out.

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