Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Llama Stomps and Pouts... Baby Llama Jumps and Shouts!

So what do you do in these moments??

You see, Little Llama Carson obviously was having a "spit on this" moment. You see, Mama Llama is trying desperately to chronicle the sweet darling lives of her little llamas. And this little tantrum happened all because.... he wanted my camera.
I was simply trying to take a sweet picture of him doing this....

Now is that cute or what? He was making "bubbas".
See...we DO have creative play at my house!


  1. we LOVE the book Llama, Llama, Red Pajama!!! I'm following your blog now...come check out mine :)

  2. Oh dear.

    I actually nicknamed MckNugget's tantrums back in the day "dying llama hissy fits."

    See, it only took you asking me two times nicely before I did come over to your (very cute) blog! :)


  3. Love that you have a blog now. Welcome. I look forward to reading more about your kids and your family.


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