Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet the Herd


This is our Rowdy Herd!
We are on staff with Campus Outreach in Washington, DC. We are committed to living our lives to the full each day, and giving our best and our all to God, to each other and the World around us.

Well, I am Carrie... The Mama Llama.
Since before I can remember I have wanted to be a mom. It is by far the most challenging role/job I have ever had and all the glamorous dreams of motherhood are met every day with tantrums and potty breaks, spilled juice and skinned knees. Oh but the Joy.... so many great blessings overflowing from this little herd of Llamas!

And of course there is David...
The Herd Leader, and great love of my life! We met in college, dated for about a year, and married in 2002. We truly are a great match for each other. And we make each other laugh all the time. No other person I'd rather be living life with! He actually is the one who got Carson to fall in love with Llama Llama Red Pajama.

Oh, okay...I'll post the pic when we first realized Carson was in fact infatuated with this book...
and of course infatuated with Daddy...

"Mama Llama..Run...Run... RUN"
Carson was just 1 here!

The Dominant Female
Oh, Charlotte... she is the life of the party. The boss, and the MOST girly girl ever. At 4 years old she has quite an opinion. She loves dresses, and wants to wear them almost every day. She is very sweet and encouraging and is known for spontaneously praising people.

The Wild Bull
That is definitely the accurate title for Carson. He was born ready to run, and he has gone non stop since birth. It didn't take him long to catch up to his big sister (just 16m older than him) and they quickly became playmates.

The Littlest Llama
The Peaceful Busy One
Helen is our little bundle who is full of energy and has killer blue eyes.  She follows her brother and sister around as fast as she can get to them.  And she loves her daddy.  She has proven to be my easiest and most difficult baby.   

So there you have it!   Our Herd of Little Llamas! 
Hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Happy Grazing!

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  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous Family. Now I need to find out about this red pajama book.

    A Mexican Mommy living in Europe


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